Hoist monitoring

NovaMaster electronic hoist monitoring is an easy way to optimise crane operations. It measures a large number of values and parameters and permits safer, smoother and more effective working.

The smooth start-up and stop reduce the stresses on load and crane equally. In addition to the reduction in wear thanks to this system, it is possible to read out all the data relevant to the crane on a digital display and to carry out servicing quickly with only brief downtimes.

The permanent hoist monitor protects against overload and automatically calculates the remaining safe working period (SWP) for the hoist.


Hoist monitoring

  • Safe working
    Hoist monitoring, continuous calculation of the SWP, continuous overload protection
  • Low-impact working
    Smooth lifting and stopping of the load
  • Short downtimes
    Fast read-out of all the data relevant to the crane on a display
  • Low service costs
    Smooth acceleration and braking reduce the wear on motors and brakes



Electric wire rope hoists
and crane components

File size: 3.7MB

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Hoist monitoring

NovaMaster constantly monitors and stores all the hoists parameters:
  • Remaining safe working period (SWP) of the hoist
  • Total number of starts
  • Total working period of the hoist motor
  • Total number of hoist cycles
  • Average load
  • Remaining safe working period of the brake
  • Current load on the hook
  • Current supply voltage
  • Total number of overload incidents
  • Total number of emergency stop incidents
  • Maximum value of the calculated duty cycle (ED)
  • Total switch­on time of the crane
  • Maximum measured value of the load
  • and much more
Additional features:
  • Relay outputs for other electrically controlled additional functions
  • Intermediate loads can be programmed for the hoist
  • Analogue output, for example for a large load display (0-10 V)
  • RadioMaster remote control with a display indicating the current load
  • Slack rope function with a bypass, e.g. for using load suspension devices
  • CANbus function to network up to 5 hoists
  • Multifunctional inlets e.g. for overload switching points or start/runtime counters
  • Load measurements/summation optional via strain gauge sensor or motor current measurements

Current load on the hook

Total number of starts

Remaining safe working period (SWP) of the hoist



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